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Departments Directory
Department Editor(s)
Academic Affairs Business Service Center David Matta
Academic Technology Holly Hillsgrove
Access Van Marc Laliberte
Accounting and Finance, Department of Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Admissions-Durham Jason Graves
Adult and Occupational Education Cindy Glidden
Affirmative Action and Equity Pamela Hayes
Donna Marie Sorrentino
African-American Studies Laura Simard
Africana and African American Studies (COLA) Rachel Deane
Alcohol/Other Drug Assistance For Students Janet Harris
American Association of University Professors, UNH Chapter Tamsin Whitehead
Anadromous Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Research Lab Paul Boisselle
Animal Resources Office Theresa Hamer
Anthropology, Department of Doris Woodruff
Art & Art History, Department of Eileen Wong
Art Supply Store Frank Moore
ArtsREACH Christine Peabody
Michael Wood
Athletics, Department of Elizabeth McAllister
Balcony Bistro Restaurant Lisa Buchalski
Biology Diane Lavalliere
Biometrics, Office of Diane Lavalliere
Bookstore, UNH Frank Moore
Business Affairs, Office of Nancy Cicolini
Business Service Centers Jean Richard
Business Services Earleen Fernald
Campus Connector Marc Laliberte
Campus Ministry to UNH Laurence Brickner-Wood
Campus Recreation Stacey Hall
Career and Professional Success Raina Sarvaiya
Tyler Wentworth
Carsey School of Public Policy Susan Colucci
Celebrity Series Alexis Zaricki
Center For Academic Resources Stephanie Bernier
Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping Abigail Pagan-Allis
Linda Prescott
Center for Family Business/CEO Forum Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Center for Freshwater Biology Diane Lavalliere
Center for New England Culture Kate Umans
Center for Study Abroad (COLA) James Parsons
Center for the Humanities (COLA) Kate Umans
Center for Venture Research Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
CEPS BSC Personnel Carole Berry
Katherine Roberts
CEPS Machine Shop Carole Berry
CEPS Student Academic Affairs Office Carole Berry
Chemical Engineering, Department of Jennie Allen
Carole Berry
Chemistry Library Kevin Scully
Chemistry, Department of Carole Berry
Cindi Rohwer
Child Study and Development Center Morgan Collins
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Carole Berry
Michelle Mancini
Classics, Humanities & Italian Studies, Department of Jennifer McCready
Coastal Marine Laboratory Diane Lavalliere
Coastal Response Research Center Carole Berry
Kathleen Mandsager
COLA BSC Personnel Trisha Jennison
COLSA BSC Personnel Christine Dupere
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Department of Armida Geiger
Communication, Department of Brianna Smith
Communications and Public Affairs Betty Schmid
Lynn Smith
Community and Environmental Planning BS Program Wendy Rose
Community Standards Sarah Kiely
Community, Equity and Diversity, Office of Janice Pierson
Commuter and Non-Traditional Student Services Brett Gagnon
Computer Aided Design Lisa Buchalski
Computer Science, Department of Carole Berry
Conferences & Catering Nancy Cicolini
Confucius Institute at UNH Olivia Babin
Cooperative Extension Kimberly Johnson
Cooperative Extension County & Field Offices Kimberly Johnson
Copy Centers Paul Roberts
Course Reserves Kevin Scully
Crimes Against Children Research Center Doreen Cole
Decision Sciences, Department of Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Dining Services Nancy Cicolini
Discovery Program Office Amy Oliva
Diving Program Office Tarah Beaupre
Earth Sciences, Department of (ESCI) Carole Berry
Susan Clark
Economics, Department of Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Ecoquest New Zealand Study Abroad Program Wendy Rose
Education, Department of Cindy Glidden
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Department of Carole Berry
Employee Assistance Program (24 Hour Phone Number) Susan Poole
Employee Fitness Program Tarah Beaupre
Engagement and Academic Outreach Patricia Walsh
Engineering & Physical Sciences, College of (CEPS) Carole Berry
Engineering Technology (EET/MET/CT) Bruce Johnstone
Engineering/Math/Computer Science Library Kevin Scully
English, Department of Jennifer Dube
Enrollment Management Bonnie Coleman
Enterprise Technology Services (ETS - IT) Karin Coe
Environmental and Resource Economics BS Program Wendy Rose
Environmental Assistance Program Margaret Houle
Environmental Conservation and Sustainability BS Program Wendy Rose
Environmental Health and Safety, Office of Margaret Houle
Environmental Research Group (ERG) Carole Berry
Madeleine Wasiewski
Environmental Sciences BS Program Wendy Rose
ESL Institute Jennifer Dube
Executive Development Programs Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Exercise Physiology Lab Tarah Beaupre
Extension Educator Council Kimberly Johnson
Facilities - UNH Stephanie Weatherbee
Faculty Senate Linda Chaston
Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center Lori Wright
Family Research Laboratory Doreen Cole
Farm Services Lori Wright
Federal Express Paul Roberts
Financial Aid Office Kimberly Rhine
Fire Department, Town of Durham Melissa Perusse
Forest Park Apartments Shawn Kretchmar
Forest Service, Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry Cathy Annese
Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station Cathy Annese
Forestry BSF Program Wendy Rose
Fraternity & Sorority Life Brett Gagnon
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Concerns Sean McGhee
Genetics Program Paul Boisselle
Geography, Department of Virginia Bannon
Global Education Center Taylor Berry
Melinda McMahon
Leila Paje-Manalo
Graduate School, Office of The Annette Slattery
Granite State College Cathy Annese
Hazing Hotline: Report Hazing Incidents Anonymously Brett Gagnon
Health & Wellness Janet Harris
Health and Human Services, College of Marc Smick
Health Management & Policy, Dept of Stephanie McAdams
Health Plans Susan Poole
History and Philosophy of Science Program Jan Golinski
History, Department of Laura Simard
Honors Program Kristen Butterfield
Hospitality Management, Department of Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Housing Nancy Cicolini
Human Resources-Durham, Manchester and School of Law Jacene Mongeon
Image-Making Project Janet Flagg
Information Technology (UNH IT) Karin Coe
Kathleen Gilpatrick
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space (EOS) Gary Desjardins
Institute On Disability Anna Brennan-Curry
Matthew Gianino
Institutional Research & Assessment Anne Shattuck
Instrumentation Center John Wilderman
Integrated Applied Mathematics Program Carole Berry
Jan Jankowski
Internal Audit Susan Poole
InterOperability Laboratory Kari Younsi
IT BSC Karin Coe
IT Client Services Karin Coe
IT Computer Repair Services Karin Coe
Joint Hydrographic Center Linda Prescott
Justice Studies Program Deborah Briand
Justiceworks Kevin Sousa
Keene State College Cathy Annese
Keener Dairy Research Center Diane Lavalliere
Kindergarten Morgan Collins
Kinesiology, Department of Tarah Beaupre
Lakes Lay Monitoring Program Kimberly Johnson
Language Resource Center Olivia Babin
Languages, Literatures & Cultures Olivia Babin
Laundry Services Shawn Kretchmar
Legal Assistance Brett Gagnon
Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education Sandra Coit
Liberal Arts, College of (COLA) - Office of the Dean Rachel Deane
Liberal Studies Program Catherine Peebles
Libraries Kevin Scully
Life Sciences and Agriculture, College of (COLSA) Katie Cousens
Marjorie Joy
Linguistics Programs Jennifer Dube
Little Red Wagon Christine Peabody
Michael Wood
Macfarlane Research Greenhouses Lori Wright
Mail Services Paul Roberts
Management, Department of Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, School of Sally Nelson
Marketing, Department of Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Mathematics and Statistics, Department of Carole Berry
Jan Jankowski
McGregor Memorial EMS Cathy Annese
Mechanical Engineering, Department of Carole Berry
Tracey Harvey
Medical Laboratory Science Program Paul Boisselle
Memorial Union Building Brett Gagnon
Military and Veteran Services Karen Gilbert
MUB Information Desk Brett Gagnon
MUB Ticket Office Brett Gagnon
Multicultural Student Affairs, Office of Sean McGhee
Museum of Art Cathy Annese
Music, Department of Alexis Zaricki
National Ice Core Laboratory - Science Management Office Belinda Camire
Natural Resources and Earth System Science PhD Program Annette Slattery
Natural Resources and The Environment, Department of Wendy Rose
Natural Resources Conservation Service Wendy Rose
Natural Resources MS Program Wendy Rose
Natural Sciences Resource Center Kevin Scully
New England Ecological Garden of UNH Lisa Buchalski
New Hampshire EPSCoR Allison Wasiewski
New Hampshire Public Television Cathy Annese
New Hampshire Sea Grant College Program Sally Nelson
New Hampshire, The Cathy Annese
Newman Dance Studio Christine Peabody
Michael Wood
NH Agricultural Experiment Station (NHAES) Lori Wright
NH Small Business Development Center Myleta Eng
Non-Lethal Technical Innovation Center Tiffany Farina
Nursing, Department of Marc Smick
Occupational Therapy, Department of Debra Smith
Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory Donna Thibault
Operating Staff (OS) Council Monique Couillard
Parents Association Lynn Beaver
Paul Creative Arts Center Ticket Office Christine Peabody
Michael Wood
Peace Corps Cathy Annese
Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Peter T. Paul Financial Policy Center Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Kevin Scully
Philosophy, Department of Mary Beth Myers
Physics Library Kevin Scully
Physics, Department of Carole Berry
Catherine Makem-Boucher
Picture Writing: Fostering Literacy Through Art Janet Flagg
Plant Diagnostic Lab Diane Lavalliere
Plymouth State University Cathy Annese
Political Science, Department of Marcie Anderson
Pre-Professional Health Advising Office Caitlin Bannon
Prelaw Advising Paula DiNardo
President's Commissions Janice Pierson
President, Office of The Annie Jones
Prevention Innovations: Research & Practices for Ending Violence Against Women on Campus Audra Coon
Print Services Nancy Cicolini
Professional Development & Training Christopher LaBelle
Professional, Administrative and Technical (PAT) Staff Council Jennifer Hammond
Wendy Rose
Protestant Chaplain Laurence Brickner-Wood
Psychological and Counseling Services Patricia Turner
Psychology, Department of Tracy Young
Race and Ethnic Studies Minor Rachel Deane
Recreation Management & Policy, Department of Marc Smick
Recycled Materials Resource Center Madeleine Wasiewski
Reference Desk Kevin Scully
Registration and Records Dana Moran
Religious Studies Program (COLA) Rachel Deane
Research Computing Center (RCC) Jennifer Sorrell
Residence Halls Katherine-Ann Masso
Residential Life Katherine-Ann Masso
Resource Administration and Management MS Program Wendy Rose
Retirement Plans Susan Poole
Rosenberg International Franchise Center Kevin Poliquin
Heather M Smith
ROTC-Air Force Nancy Sakovits
ROTC-Army Nancy Sakovits
Safe Zones Sean McGhee
Sea Grant Extension/Communications Sally Nelson
Sea Grant Management Sally Nelson
Senior Vice Provost for Research Diana Couture
Senior Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean Of Students, Office of Lynn Beaver
John Kirkpatrick
Charles Putnam
Shoals Marine Laboratory Sally Nelson
Small Business Development Center Myleta Eng
Social Work, Department of Emilie Cilley
Sociology, Department of Brenda Worden
Soil Testing Kimberly Johnson
Sponsored Programs Administration Kelly Marti
Sport Studies Lab Tarah Beaupre
Stacey's Buffet Lisa Buchalski
STEM Teachers Collaborative Sandra Coit
Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Renate Jurden
Student Activity Fee Organizations Maureen Claussen
Student Organizations/Student Involvement & Leadership Brett Gagnon
Student Rights, Rules & Responsibility Publication Lynn Beaver
John Kirkpatrick
Charles Putnam
Student Senate Brett Gagnon
Study Away USA Paula DiNardo
Sustainability Institute at UNH Colleen Flaherty
Technology Transfer Center Carole Berry
Technology, Society & Values Program Willem De Vries
The Browne Center for Innovative Learning Crystie McGrail
The Survey Center Martha Belanger
Theatre & Dance, Department of Christine Peabody
Michael Wood
Thompson School of Applied Science Lisa Buchalski
Transportation Marc Laliberte
Transportation Services Marc Laliberte
TRiO Programs Elizabeth Werth
Undergraduate Research Conference Mary (Molly) Doyle
Undergraduate Research, Hamel Center for Mary (Molly) Doyle
UNH Chaplains Association Laurence Brickner-Wood
UNH Computer Store Karin Coe
UNH Dining - ID Office Florence Marble
UNH Graduate School - Manchester Campus Annette Slattery
UNH Magazine Betty Schmid
Lynn Smith
UNH Manchester Bruce Johnstone
UNHInnovation Paige Smith
University Advancement Betty Schmid
Lynn Smith
University Advising Center Nathan Talbot
University Archives Kevin Scully
University Museum Kevin Scully
University Police Department Gail Heath
University System of New Hampshire Susan Poole
USDA Farm Service Agency Cathy Annese
USNH Financial Services Susan Poole
USNH Procurement Services Deborah Hudson
USNH Treasury Services Susan Poole
Veterinarian Diagnostics Lab Paul Boisselle
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Office of the Laurie Voss
Vice President for Finance and Administration, Office of the Jean Richard
Water Resources Research Center Wendy Rose
Whittemore Center Arena Stacey Hall
Wildcat Access Van Marc Laliberte
Wildcat Transit Information Marc Laliberte
Wildlife and Conservation Biology BS Program Wendy Rose
Women's Studies Program Siobhan Senier
Woodlands and Natural Areas, Office of Lori Wright
WUNH 91.3 FM Cathy Annese