Frequently Asked Questions

For Directory Users / The Public

Q: What if I can't find the department or individual I am looking for?

A: Try one of UNH's other directories or call the UNH Operator at 603-862-1234.

For Directory Editors

Q: Which browser(s) are best to use when editing?

A: Recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari should all work for editing. The public listings themselves should be visible on most any browser.

Q: I would like to pass editorship of my department listings to another person, or add them as an alternate editor. How can I request this?

A: Please email our Chief Directory Editor and include the usernames for the individuals for whom you are adding or removing editorship.

Q: What department information is required and what is optional?

A: The directory is designed to be as accomodating as possible to each department in how it presents its listing. In fact, the only field that is absolutely required by the system is the 'Department Name' itself. Some departments may want phone numbers only, some may only want to list email addresses. Some may want to use every field and leave nothing blank.

If a field is used, however, the system will often enforce a standard format, such as a valid looking email address with an '@' symbol in it.

Q: My department or organization is known by two different names. How can I list the other name?

A: Include the other name as an 'alias' when editing the department. This alias will appear in its proper spot in the Alpha by Deparmtnet listing, with a link back to the department.

Q: What if a department or organization is known by an acronym? Should I use an alias for that?

A: You could use an alias, however only one alias is allowed per department. You may want to use your alias for a former department name that may still be used out of habit. It's up to you and your organization.

Q: My department or college is known by a common acronym. Will my listing be found?

A: Any acronyms should be included after your department's name in parentheses. Example: College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, College Of (COLSA). Listed this way, users searching on 'COLSA' will arrive at the correct listing. You may also use your department's alias to ensure that the acronym is included in that letter's Alpha-by list, in this case in the letter 'C' if COLSA were added as an alias.

Q: How can I double-list a sub-department so that it appears both beneath its parent department and under the Alpha-by-Department listing in its correct letter?

A: We do not support the full double-listing of any department, but there are two different approaches to filling this need.

If the sub-department itself should contain sub-departments, then our Chief Directory Editor might consider adding this as a top-level department, to which you could then add sub-departments.

However, if your sub-department is fine where it is, with no sub-departments of its own, then you should add an alias for it to show alphabetically under Alpha-by-Department. The alias will link back to its listing. The accepted convention for adding a sub-department alias is Sub-Department Name (Parent Department Name).

Example Sub-Department Alias: New and Emerging Media (University Communication and Marketing)

Q: How should I format my department's location?

A: You may include either a mailing address or a campus address (assumed to be UNH Durham) as your department's 'location'.

For a mailing address, the preferred format is:
  • 10 Main Street, Durham, NH 03824
Some less preferable variations might be:
  • 10 Main St., Durham, NH 03824
  • 10 Main Street, Durham, New Hampshire 03824
  • 10 Main, Durham, NH 03824
  • 10 Main Street, Durham
  • Durham, NH
For a campus address, the preferred format is:
  • Hewitt Hall, Room 122
Some less preferable variations might be:
  • Hewitt, Room 122
  • Hewitt Hall, Rm 122
  • Hewitt 122
  • Room 122, Hewitt Hall
Q: I'd like to add an on-campus (Durham) 'speed dial' number (example: *9-30) for my department, but the phone field expects a standard format. How do I add this?

A: Add the 'speed dial' number as a contact, using only the contact name field, as in 'from UNH campus: *9-30'. Save the contact and drag it to the top of the order if you would like it to be prominent.

Q: My sub-departments are ordered alphabetically. Can I change the order of Sub-departments?

A: You cannot explicitly order Sub-departments like you can with Contacts. However, adding a hyphen, for instance, as the leading character for a sub-department will float it to the top of the order. Similarly, other characters can be used in this way, as they will have different order precedences.